Another Game! Truth or Dare!

Looking for malt prompts? Maybe thinking of doing some more chopped nuts, perhaps? Or just in for a bit of fun! It's time for Truth or Dare!

To play: Comment to this post with either "Truth" or "Dare" (or of you're like me "Either") and other people will leave you with either truths or dares depending on what you ask for! You may then write pieces for them and claim malt credit.

If you do play, be sure to leave truths and dares for other people, too!

Game Time! Musical Chairs!

So it's time for a game!

MUSICAL CHAIRS, with a little Roisin twist.

We're not going to do this the normal way, with people leaving songs and then a few days later, those people picking a chair. Instead, you will find listed below are twenty "chairs". Pick up to three chairs and you will get a song malt prompt to use for each chair you choose. You may pick a chair that's already been picked if you like.

Chair 1 Chair 2  Chair 3 Chair 4  Chair 5

Chair 6  Chair 7 Chair 8  Chair 9 Chair 10

Chair 11 Chair 12  Chair 13 Chair 14  Chair 15

Chair 16  Chair 17 Chair 18  Chair 19 Chair 20

Oh, wondering about the Roisin twist? All of the songs or artists are in some way Irish. :)

March Malt MADNESS

It's getting close to March and so, it's time for:


The idea: Some of us have lots and lots of malt prompts. Some of us even have hundreds! This is a community challenge, where we try to decrease that amount just a wee bit. And hopefully get some of us writing and posting again. :)

How it will work: We're trying to use as many malts as possible during the 31 days of March! There will be a post with a ticker meter so we can all watch the number rise. (Don’t worry about reporting when you post a malt. I’ll take care of that. It'll be by malt prompts used and not pieces, so if you use 2 malts on one piece, it counts for 2). At the end of month we'll have (hopefully) met our goal!

What to do now: Please respond to this post with a goal/estimate of how many malts you'd like to try to use next month. These aren't binding numbers, but it'll give us an idea of the number we should make our community goal!

If you’re new and don’t have a lot of malt prompts, I’ll be running a simple malt game or two during of March. If anyone else wants to run a malt game, feel free!

Have fun!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey guys! Nothing big planned for the aforementioned holiday this year; instead, here are two little things:

1--Dinner for Two (or Four?)

There's nothing quite as awkward as the first date. This is doubly true if one's inclined to go the traditional route: the dinner date. For malt credit (and chopped nuts, if your world isn't one that's big on restaurants or the whole "dating" spiel), write a piece about said event. Was it awkward? Excellent? Disastrous? You can write these for as many people as you'd like--each one is good for malt credit.

If that's not awkward enough for you, try this on for size: how about a dinner double date? Write one of those, and not only do you get malt credit, but you get a pair (ha) of randomly selected prompts to use for future malt credit.

Still hungry for more? Make is a cross-canon dinner double date. So that's a malted chopped nuts milkshake, at the very least. You do that, and you get four shiny new prompts.

Malt credit is good till the end of the month, so you've got about two weeks to give it a shot. If harm in saving the idea for later, right?

2--Valentine's Day Prompts

We did this last year and it was nice, so let's do it again. Comment on this post if you'd like to get/gift prompts to other authors. Any prompt is good! Be wacky! Be utterly conventional! Sky's the limit!

Anyway, go forth and have fun! ^___^

January Games Week IV: Fortune Telling

It's the last week of January! Which means it's time for our last game, a new one that I'll just refer to as "fortune telling" for lack of a more creative title. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Comment to this post with a list of 1 to 3 characters (or pair/triple of characters)
Step 2: Yours truly has a well seasoned deck of tarot cards just waiting to be used/abused. I'll draw ten cards for each character/set of characters you list numbered from 1 to 10 and conforming to the numbered positions and interpretive rules of Celtic Cross spread. For everyone's sanity, I'll just list reversed cards as if they were drawn upright.
Step 3: Write a piece (for malt credit) involving what the cards "predicted" for your character/s based on your interpretation of the spread. See the above link for how to interpret the position of cards, and see this link for interpreting the meaning of the individual cards. There's no "right" or "wrong" way to read the cards, so just follow your third eye/spirit guide/how much you want your characters to suffer.

If you're feeling particularly malicious toward your characters, however, I'm willing to read your cards for you. :D

Thanks for participating, everyone! It's been a great time, and I hope you all have gotten some great prompts out of it.
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January Games Week III: Pass A Prompt

Hey all! Time for our third game of the month, something kinda-sorta new I'm calling Pass A Prompt.

A while back, lost_spook linked me to a fabulous prompt generator called the Ersatz Genremixer. Way too fun not to use in a game, in my opinion. So, here's how we'll use it:

Step one--Use the generator to spit out a list of 10 prompts. You can use any of the options and however many characters you'd like, though for the sake of all our sanity, let's not include NSFW/particularly NSFW-implicating prompts. Let's just say use your best judgment. (Though, uh, if the piece you come up with in response to the prompt is NSFW, go for it, just don't want to stick anyone with that kind of prompt if it's not their thing.) Also, you can reroll however many times you'd like/try out different genres/combos to see what suits you best.

Step two--You can choose to keep the prompts from this list for yourself, or you can pass them on to other authors who've posted lists and are playing the game. You can only pick one of the two options though, so choose wisely! In the comment where you post your list, include which ones you're keeping (if any). As for the rest, comment on others' lists with the prompts you want to give to them. Does the prompt include character names? Then you also get to swap out the names of your characters with characters from their canon for double hijinks.

Step three--write away! Both kinds of prompts--those you keep and those passed on to you--are good for malt credit.

Have at, and have fun!
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Musical Chairs Pt. II

Sorry about the delay guys! Anyway, here are your chairs! If everyone who plays chooses one chair (with each chair containing 3 song prompts), all the chairs will end up taken, so check the comments first before you pick which one you'd like. (Consider them labeled 1-5, with one being the green one w/the butterfly and five being the blue wheeled apologies for the shoddy html...) This week's game will be posted sometime tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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January Games Week II: Musical Chairs

For week two, it's time for a classic Malt Shoppe game, musical chairs!

How to play: if you'd like to take part, comment on this post with up to 3 songs, including a link to audio/video of them as well as a page with their lyrics (if there are any lyrics). On Friday, another post will go up with chairs to choose from. You get to choose as many chairs as you posted songs and get song prompts selected randomly from another author(s) in exchange! Each prompt counts for malt credit.

Don't worry if this week's timing works out poorly for you--if you can't get in songs in time, drop a comment on the "chairs" post and I'll hit shuffle on my music library and get you a prompt that way. (Don't worry...there's like 40k songs of all genres in there. Something for everyone. One would hope.) ^__^

Anyway, comment with songs/lyrics here!