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Music-and-Mixes Month: Artists of the Month

(again, thanks to Falootin for approving the game!)

I have two games for you guys :D

So this one is exactly what it says on the tin, except with the small note of "artists" on there. There will be two artists featured every week, and you can pick any song on their respective discographies for use in your pieces--maybe they fit your character or the setting, or it just sounds really cool. Like the previous game, using any of the songs from this game won't be eligible for malt credit, but instead for a chart pull. You can pick as many songs as you want, to the point of using up all their discography (and to that, I say good luck!). And of course, every week there will be new artists featured, so expect some variety  ;)

With that out of the way, I bring you our first two artists of the week!


Lady Gaga

Some songs from her discography (click on link above to see the rest):
So Happy I Could Die | Bad Kids | The Fame | Just Dance | Marry the Night



Some songs from her discography (click on link above to see the rest):
Desired Constellation | Thunderbolt | Hyperballad | It's Not Up to You | Declare Independence

Next two artists will be posted up next week, on February 9, so until then, enjoy :)

(edited to add a small detail in the rules)
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